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Outdoor patios are wonderful additions to any home as they offer space for entertaining and relaxing while adding value to your home. Most patios are constructed out of either concrete or paving stones. Pavers are individual, interlocking stones made of natural stone, brick, concrete, or a mixture of these that can be laid together like a lattice and are ready to use upon completion. When deciding whether to use concrete or paving stones for your new patio installation, there are many factors to consider including aesthetics, cost, durability, and value. This post provides the pros and cons of concrete versus pavers so that you can make the best decision for your life and home.

1. Aesthetics

If you have decided to install a patio as part of your home, then you have already thought about how you might want it to look. Using pavers when installing your patio gives you a variety of patterns, layouts, textures and colors to choose from to match any aesthetic. Here at Midlands Landscape, Techo-Bloc paving stones are mainly used. Not only are these paving stones salt and color-resistant, but also there are 27 different styles in varying colors offered. Concrete simply does not offer this same versatility.

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2. Cost

On average, the upfront cost of paving stones will be higher than basic concrete because the installation process of paving stones is more involved.

Paver Installation

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Sub-base compassion
  • Geotextile Fiber Installation
  • Base Preparation
  • Base Compaction
  • Sand Preparation
  • Paver Layout
  • Border Cutting
  • Bond Beam Preparation
  • Compacting the Stones
  • Paver Sealant
Concrete Installation

  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Foundation Preparation
  • Setting Forms
  • Pouring Concrete
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You can expect to pay around $20 per square foot for paving stones or around $8 per square foot for concrete. However, if you plan to add stamp designs or color to your concrete, then the price will be comparable to pavers. Though the cost of installing concrete may be less than installing paving stones, the price you will pay over time to maintain a nice looking concrete slab will be higher than the cost of keeping your paving stones looking beautiful. While the initial cost is higher for pavers, they will provide you with endless beauty, design options, and easy maintenance for the life of your pavers.

3. Durability

Even though cost is a concern, it’s important to factor in durability and long-term maintenance against initial price. Both concrete and paving stones require regular maintenance such as cleaning and sealing, but concrete has a tendency to crack and become dull over time, especially if there are trees with roots nearby. Settlement of foundations can cause concrete slabs to crack, break, and/or shift, and drainage issues may emerge with shifting concrete slabs. Also, if cracks or breaks occur, the entire slab would require replacement. Pavers, however, have longer-lasting color, are easy to replace, and are more cost-efficient to maintain. Though some of your paving stones may eventually break or crack over time, they can be individually replaced or adjusted, as needed. Because paving stones interlock with joints, they can expand and settle with the earth, decreasing the chances of cracks and chips. In addition, Midlands Landscape provides a 3-year warranty on paving stones if issues arise.

4. Home Value

The aesthetically-pleasing appearance, lower repair costs, and easy maintenance of pavers will improve the value of your home. Though you may not be looking to sell right now, the installation of paving stones will improve the curb appeal of your home for years to come. You can rest assured you will not need to replace an entire driveway or patio when and if you decide to sell. Additionally, if you are thinking of refinancing or appraising, then paving stones are sure to increase your home’s value.

Whatever you decide, allow us here at Midlands Landscape to make your patio, driveway, or walkway design dreams a reality!

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