Enjoy a Guest-Ready Lawn All Year Round With Our Complete Lawn Maintenance Plan

Get perfectly cut grass in the summer, raked leaves in the winter, and beautifully maintained bushes and shrubs all year round! Our complete lawn maintenance plan ensures that your entire yard looks great no matter the season!

Expect More From Your Lawn Care Service

Your yard includes more than just grass so you should expect more than just mowing and edging! Our complete landscaping service ensures that every element of your lawn looks great, all year long.

Our Complete Landscaping Service:

Just leave it to us! Our complete lawn service includes 42 visits per year, with weekly visits from April through October, and biweekly visits during the cooler months.


Lawn Mowing Services

This is the task that everyone dreads! Keeping your grass under control during our hot summer months can feel like an unending chore. Our professional lawn care technicians provide weekly mowing during the growing season, keeping your lawn looking its best.


Bush and Shrub Trimming

Bushes and shrubs, when left to their own devices, end up looking wild and scruffy. To keep them healthy and looking great, they need to be properly pruned and shaped. Our technicians are trained to know when and how to trim your plants to keep them at their best.


Edging, Leaf Blowing, and Clean-up

The details make the difference; your lawn will look manicured and perfect when we’re done! Unlike many companies, we collect and bag all of our yard cleanup waste. No lawn clippings or leaves casually blown into your street and no yard waste bags left on your curb!

Our Optional Lawn Maintenance Services

In addition to our complete plan, we offer standalone services to help you get the lawn of your dreams:



Hydro-seeding is the application of a combination of grass-seed, fertilizers, and binders to create a fast-growing, lush lawn. This method is fantastic for slopes, more effective than dry seed, and cheaper than sod. Talk with our designers to see if this is right for your lawn!



Turf grasses take years to establish from seed – so sodding is the way to go! Here in South Carolina there are 5 main varieties of sod: Bermuda, Centipede, Fescue, Palmetto St. Augustine, and Zoysia. Our designers can help you select the perfect one for your lawn.


Plant Installation

Whether you’re adding annuals to your flower bed or are planting a mighty oak to provide shade for your grandchildren, our landscapers will give your new plants the best start possible. Want more plants, but not sure exactly which? Talk with our landscape designers!



Leveling problematic dips or unusable hills adds valuable real estate to your lawn while controlling erosion. Our technicians will ensure that your lawn has just enough slope to safely shed water away from your home, while giving you ample play space!



Mulch is an effective form of natural weed control and prevents flower beds from drying out in hot weather. Mulch breaks down over time, turning into topsoil, and needs to be reapplied every 1 to 2 years. We offer a variety of colors and materials to match your aesthetic.

Why Work With Midlands Landscape

Lovely green grass under a lovely tree.

Experienced, Licensed, & Insured

Our landscaping goes beyond lawn mowing! We have the knowledge to keep your grass, trees, bushes, and shrubs looking great all year round! Our team of licensed and insured experts have been creating and maintaining beautiful lawns since 1994!

We Get Jobs Done Right - Not Jobs Done Fast

Many landscaping companies task their crews with as many jobs as possible. This leads to corners being cut (and bushes not!) and missed appointments when overzealous schedules can’t be followed. Our crews are given enough time to do each job right, every time.

One-Stop Shop For Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping, and Hardscapes

When you work with Midlands Landscape, we keep your lawn looking great all year long. Our technicians keep up with regular maintenance and our expert install crews can add new plantings, mulch, hardscapes, pools, pool houses, outdoor lighting, and more!

What Folks Are Saying About Midlands Landscape

Since 1994 we’ve grown almost entirely by word of mouth. See what our customers have to say about working with us:

About Midlands Landscape, Lexington SC

We’ve been providing landscape maintenance and hardscape installations for discerning customers since 1994. Driven by our belief that a job worth doing is worth doing right, our calling is to perform excellent work – always. In addition to our premium, full-service lawn care we design and install hardscapes, keeping your yard looking great all year round.


Serving the Greater Columbia area, including Cayce, Chapin, Irmo, Lexington, and West Columbia.

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